In a really, really bad pinch, so doing cheap commissions until I can at least afford to repair my laptop, which is the only way for me to contact friends and family (I have a loaner laptop for a little while, but it doesn’t have my schoolwork and barely functions).  

Here’s the dealio: 

10$ for a small/simple moth [Examples: Death’s Head, Rosy,Luna]

14$ for a large/complex moth [Examples: Atlas]

3$ for an eyeball or PokeBall , 5$ for two. Can do other types of pokeballs as well!

I can do other items, bugs and organs as well, send me an ask and we can figure out pricing. 

Payment and shipping: My paypal is experiment5319@gmail.com and I’ll also accept payment via mail. I can visit the post office to figure out shipping, and will let you know the full cost before starting the pieces. 



Will also do sketch commissions of full body characters. Can be any type of character, whether from a book/show/movie/game/comic/etc. or original characters of your own design.  Nudes, NSFW, gory, furry, and monstrous characters all very much okay.

As with the felt commissions, you can pay via mail or paypal. I need the payment first before I can do the requested artwork, which will be posted either the Tuesday or Thursday following.  

7$ - Pencil

10$ - Ink

+3$ per character

Sketch Examples:

(via preternaturalwombat)